The cabinet

  • OSC CONSULTING is an accounting and consulting bureau, established in 2005and located in the outskirts of Paris.
    We specialise in: 
    Providing reception services to foreign investors interested in investing in France.
  • Advice for setting up foreign companies in France.
  • Value-assessing French Companies that are likely to be bought out by foreign holding companies.
  • Consulting for the real-estate aspect of business projects.

OSC CONSULTING’s client base is essentially international, including European, Indian, Chinese and Latin American companies who conduct their affairs in France. Our investors are Spanish, Portuguese, English, Canadian, Indian, Chinese, Armenian and Latin American.

Our missions

Our principal activity consists of four traditional missions: account keeping, account reviewing, yearly account reports and taxation services. Alongside this we develop missions that provide strong economic potential for our client companies.

The range of services provided by OSC CONSULTING is both global and specialised, from bookkeeping to consulting and helping company executives to design forecast management tools or in negotiations with partners.

We share our extensive expertise in:

  • Market research studies.
  • Choice of legal structure.
  • Assistance in the implementation and creation of business plans.
  • Consultancies in the design of management tools (cash management and financing plans, etc.)
  • Drafting of financial forecasts.
  • Assistance in seeking investors and negotiating with financial institutions.
  • Tax consulting to both the company and its executives (optimisation of tax declarations…).
  • Employment law consulting (payroll management, social charge exemption documents, social contribution declarations, drafting of employment contracts, etc.)

Our aim is to provide support and advice regarding your strategic, taxation, legal and social choices in the context of each of these key specific services.

OSC CONSULTING is here to assist your company, whether it is a business project or is newly established, to achieve its financial objectives using management tools and optimising legal aspects:

  • By respecting legal and internal administrative, accounting, taxation, legal and social obligations.
  • By providing or helping you to implement efficient, tailor-made management tools.
  • By helping you to find the best suited solutions in terms of the law, organisation and management.
  • By responding to all of your queries and providing constant support and advice.

OSC CONSULTING has developed global and specific expertise in specific sectors including the hotel and restaurant trade, travel agencies and construction.
The firm works with high performance IT hardware (HP Pavilion and Sony) using a professional business software solution that was tailor made for our activity by CEGID, one of the European market leaders in that sector.
We also use the RCA range of solutions, notably for drafting business plans, company value assessment and cost analysis using analytical accountancy techniques.

Our proposed services in a personalised letter

Our missions meet the standards of the Higher Council of Chartered Accountants, the actual service propositions are defined by the bureau itself and the sale of these missions involves defining the services.

Our main activity is divided into a number of specific services, we work with our clients, to define the exact services that will be required and group them together into a package, with a specific price applying to each package.

You choose the range of services and how it will be put together, either by purchasing a complete package or by taking elements from a number of different packages and making up your own tailor-made set of services. This personalised approach helps us to satisfy your needs as completely as possible.

We serve as your permanent intermediary and adviser, providing solutions to all of your accountancy, financial, legal, taxation and management issues.

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