OSC CONSULTINGconsists of a star-shaped network of companies, known as a “gestoria” in Spain.

OSC CONSULTINGcollaborates in synergy with a great number of active partners including:

  • Lawyers
  • Banks
  • Formalists
  • Commercial real estate sourcing agencies
  • Recruiting agencies
  • Chambers of commerce
  • Website developers
  • Insurance companies
  • International financial law experts
  • Specialised employee service brokers (pensions, private health insurance)
  • IT experts

Our clients receive constant support and are advised and oriented by partners that have been specially selected by OSC CONCULTING for their competency and efficiency. Thanks to their continuing development of accounts with Spain, India and Brazil, OSC CONSULTING is a member of the Franco-Spanish, Franco-Indian and Franco-Brazilian chambers of commerce. 
OSC CONSULTING is a structure that works on a human scale, built on a pro-active attitude and solid customer relations. We have staff that speak Spanish, English and Portuguese.