Accounting services and administrative consulting

OSC CONSULTING is committed to helping its clients to apply correct administrative procedures since this is essential for the reliability of account and financial reports. 
In additional to the more traditional account services, it is also essential to survey a company's internal administrative procedures.
Advice for the start-up of new companies

OSC CONSULTING is there to help you to establish your business project, through financial forecasting, assistance in the search for sources of investment and finding financial support, advice on choosing the most suitable legal status for your company and completing the administrative formalities required to start your business, for overseas investors this may also include dealing with regional governments.
Advice in setting up foreign companies

OSC CONSULTING is a specialist in providing reception services to foreign investors on their arrival France. The bureau has established a significant portfolio of international clients and makes full use of its staff’s linguistic skills (Spanish - Portuguese - English) in order to fully satisfy the needs of investors.
Company value assessment missions

OSC CONSULTING aims to be your valued collaborator in company valuation missions; with the ever-increasing number of company buyouts by group holdings, the problems associated with the valuation of companies have become a key issue. In recent times the acquisition, transfer and sale of companies have become increasingly common. 

The bureau uses a combination of different approaches, all of which are fully approved by financial Authorities.
Our Know-How and Experience

OSC CONSULTING is an accounting and consulting bureau, established in 2005 and located in the outskirts of Paris. We specialise in:

- Providing reception services to foreign investors interested in investing in France.
- Advice for setting up foreign companies in France.
- Value-assessing French Companies that are likely to be bought out by foreign holding companies.
- Consulting for commercial real-estate projects.